Friday, 10 September 2010


This is my first entry to my new website and I thought to start by posting three of my pieces that were performed during the annual Avaton Music Festival in my hometown, Limassol, Cyprus. For this year I was invited as guest composers to the festival, giving a lecture with title: Re-active musical systems using sensor technology. Three of my pieces were performed during the festival

Avaton for piano and live electronics

The piece was composed especially for the Avaton Festival and resembles many of the processes, aims and character of the festival. It starts as a simple idea that gets shifted to different directions, becomes confident, external factors get involved, change of rhythm, melodies etc . In the end, the piece keeps its own character and identity.

Performed by Anita Tomasevich – piano and Tychonas Michailides – live electronics

100years later for clarinet and electronics

It is a futuristic vision of a classical piece as an improvisation  100years later where the clarinet is an instrument under extension and the electronics took over……. 

Performed by George Georgiou – clarinet and Tychonas Michailides – live electronics 

Improvisational approach

As the title indicates the piece is an approach to improvisation between an instrument and a computer. In this attempt, the sound of the guitar is filtered and processed in real time through the computer and a wii remote. The processed sound is then diffused in space using a custom-made sensor glove. 

Performed by Spyros Aristeidou – electric guitar and Tychonas Michailides – live electronics 

Improvisational approach

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