This was my second Electroacoustic Music Days festival that I’ve attend. It is a annual music festival that happens during this period every year. This years festival took place in Corfu, Greece. It is a very good festival that gives the opportunity to young performers/ and composers to present their work and get feedback. Initially I wanted to perform my latest piano piece which uses sensors and vibrating motors. The piece was never performed since there was a stay in strike from students at the Ionian Academy in Corfu. That was initially the performing space of the festival which had a piano. The festival moved to another place with no piano….. Anyway the only thing that I could was to improvise. I was lucky enough to have two amazing improvisers Andreas Mniestris from Greece and Josep Lluís Galiana from Spain. I’ve done a simple structure using the wiiremote, ipod and ipad. This was the first time to use ipad. The structure of the improvisation was very simple one. I had two saxophonist, soprano and baritone, playing in one microphone. Sound from the saxophones was transformed through different effects in Abelton Live using the wiiremote. With the ipod i was controlling the surround though the TouchOSC. On the ipad I’ve used an application by Nick Collins iGendyn. The app generates noise using the multitouch screen as well as the accelerometer. 

Here is the video from the performance.



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