This is the second performance of The Supergroup that, after the debut high success, wants to present another gem discovered from the dust of time, the Waltz of tearing tears by Franz Schumacher (1820 – 1839).

The quick and intense life of Franz Schumacher run as a lightning through the Romantic period, and although unkown to the most until this very day, it puts in shadow the life and works of his more successful and known contemporaries. He lived in the little village of Stakendorf, Germany, where he used to animate the nights at the local inn with improvised dances performed at the ‘triste piano’, an instrument that has not survived till modern days. Some written evidences though describe its sound as tear-jerker. Schumacher’s best friend Lukas Friedmann, always present at those performances, used to transcribe those dances and to store them in his nearby cellar. After the Big Fire that stroke Stakenford in 1838, all the evidence of those dances disappeared leaving only a short fragment of this waltz which encapsulates all the composer’s pain and struggle with life just before his premature death for egg intoxication at the age of 19.

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