Me and Jonathan Green perform/present the UPIC-3D installation at the Iannis Xenakis – in Memoriam International Conference that took place at the European University Cyprus, Nicosia on 3- 5 November 2011.

The installation draws inspiration from Xenakis UPIC. Using a camera we are able to track the position of each individual colour, red,green and blue. Each colour correspond to different audio file taken from Xenakis compositions. Very similar to scrubbing technique the audience was able to scrub through Xenakis composition depending on their position. Placing the camera on the ceiling, facing down, we were able to use that to control the surround system. Each of the four corners of the camera frame represent each speaker of the surround. Depending on the position of the colour within the frame of the camera the sound was traveling through space. 

The video below is a dance performance by Valentinos Steliou 

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