Performance of Live Mechanics at the iFIMPaC (International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition) conference that took place in
 Leeds College of Music.

This piano piece explores new musical and sonic sounds of a real piano and through human gestures but without actually performing on the keys of the piano. The performer controls, through a pressure sensor glove, the vibrating motors that are placed on the stings of the piano. The vibrating motors are also used in the creation of the prerecorded sounds used in the piece. Different string instruments such as double bass and cello as well as brass instruments such as tuba and trombone are used to create sounds through the artificial vibrations of the motors. The performer, through a pressure sensor glove on the right hand, controls the vibrating amplitude of the motors. The left hand controls all other live processing and looping through a touchscreen. Sounds from the strings are processed lived along with the prerecorded sounds.

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