Creative Research

X-OSC, sensors,

Solent University

  • Tychonas Michailidis
  • Jennifer Anyan

Track and Touch

  • Yvon Bonenfant

Fashioning the Voice (2018-2019) – The voice emerges from our vibrating vocal folds, and then our exquisitely responsive and malleable vocal tract sculpts the sounds that emerge. This process is dependent on a wide range of variables – biological, emotional, cultural and contextual – and as such, it is ever-in-flux, under a strange combination of conscious control, unconscious learned habits, and physical limitations and potentials: we fashion our sound. Our research examines body/identity/performance relationships through a prototype garment: a trench coat with monitoring sensors used to harness and tease out the synergy between material clothing and internal body, potentially dissolving the boundaries of sensations in fashioning body and voice.