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Autonomous and unmanned vessels open new opportunities to redefine the maritime industry and the roles of shipping companies, shipbuilders, and maritime and technology systems providers. Without any seafarers on board, many systems that serve the crew can potentially be removed. In theory, their removal can simplify the entire ship, which should improve reliability and productivity while reducing build and operating costs. One of the most obvious is the removal of the accommodation and with that the entire deckhouse. Such an approach can potentially save cost, weight and space, as well as enabling the ship to carry more cargo.

This leads to a number of questions relating to the maintenance and operation of mechanical systems on an uncrewed vessel, in particular critical propulsion systems which if failure occurs could endanger the vessel. Project IMAGINE (Innovation in MArine enGINEering diagnostics and feedback), is a pragmatic approach that examines current issues and limitation as well as identifying possible solutions to be considered before reaching the required level of a reliably automated engine room. In particular, the project examines how engineers can experience the sensory information of the engine room from a remote location and thus enable them to diagnose and give feedback on the system.

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